PediGri® - A Matter of Trust

Everything you need to know about
Grifols plasma-derived products


To trust a product, you must first trust the people who manufacture it

Plasma-derived products have become vital medicines today, capable of saving lives and improving life-expectancy for many people suffering from numerous chronic illnesses and traumatic injury.

Grifols plasma-derived products are the result of a rigorous methodology, the latest technology and a highly qualified team of professionals.



transparency of information on the Internet  - immediate, easy and convenient access to all the information on the origin and quality of Grifols plasma-derived medicines.*

All healthcare professionals need is the lot number to consult all the information generated by PediGri®, the tangible expression of full traceability from donation to the final product.

Information relating to each donation:

  •     Donation number
  •     Viral screening at the origin

Specific information for each product lot:

  •     Total number of plasma units
  •     Total volume of plasma

Certificate of analysis, including:

  •     Plasma origin
  •     Viral screening
  •     Biochemical characteristics of final product

Users can also access the applicable product SPC/package insert for their country.

Visit and you can:

  • view a demonstration of the information available for each product lot (See Demo option)
  • request your personal user codes to access the information for the product lots which you use (Request Registration option)
* Here you will be able to access information related to the lots of products distributed in your country and commercialized after January 13, 2003, except for:
Albutein®, Alphanate®, AlphaNine® and Profilnine® which information refers to lots of product commercialized after July 21, 2008.
GammaSTAN®, Gamunex® / Gamunex-C®, HyperHEP B®, HyperRAB®, HyperRHO®, HyperTET®, Koate® DVI, Plasbumin®, Prolastin® / Prolastin® C and Thrombate® III which information refers to lots of product commercialized after April 8, 2016.

Earning your trust through:

A specialized, experienced team who are continually improving their knowledge and expertise.

Our modern facilities:

Biomat and Grifols Plasma Operations: separate companies solely dedicated to assuring plasma supply, quality and safety..

Instituto Grifols, Grifols Biologicals and Grifols Therapeutics: production facilities complying with the strictest international standards (GMP, FDA, etc.).

PediGri®: transparency of information for Grifols plasma-derived medicines

Ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety when producing plasma-derived products and making them available to healthcare professionals and their patients demands a lengthy, complex process which starts with the donation of plasma and continues until after the product has been administered to the patient.

One of the fundamental ways of ensuring the safety of plasma-derived products is through the quality of the raw material. The strict selection and control criteria which must be met if a donation is to be used in treating others mean that not everyone can be a donor.

Grifols is supplied by its own network of donation centers and other FDA approved centers which adhere to strict international regulations and also to the additional demanding quality and safety standards that Grifols requires.

Each plasma unit is coded and computer-traced from the start of the process until the units are transformed into a final product lot of plasma-derived medicines with full traceability. Information on the origin of plasma and safety tests conducted, along with the product’s certificate of analysis is compiled on the computer system, constituting PediGri®.

Grifols alone has taken the initiative to add PediGri® information to each lot of its plasma-derived medicines.*

PediGri®: a commitment to providing healthcare professionals with transparent information, a matter of trust.

About Grifols

Grifols has been present in the field of healthcare since 1940, creating innovative products and services based on the values of ethics and responsibility.In order to meet the individual needs of different healthcare professionals, the company is organized into three divisions: Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital.The Bioscience division specializes in the research, development, manufacture and supply of high quality plasma-derived medicines with outstanding records of quality and safety.From its beginnings, Grifols’ passion for safety in plasma-based therapies is evidenced in its history of innovation.

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