Oncology CSTD

Compounding Equipment and CSTD systems for pharmacy preparation and closed delivery of infusions on Oncology day wards

Oncology CSTD Systems


European Policy Recommendations

Preventing occupational exposure to cytotoxic and other hazardous drugs

Oncology CSTD


Compliant with CSTD-USP 800 recommendations, the Infukit is a dedicated patented double seal syringe designed for use with the Infumix Pump.

The Infukit is manufactured using a PVC-free material similar to normal manual syringes and is compatible with oncology drugs such as Taxol. The Infukit has two seals, which are designed to make the unit extremely accurate and 100% leakproof. The double seal avoids any contamination, thus making it much safer for the operator. It also maintains drug integrity and facilitates safe disposal after use.


The Infukit, when used with a CSTD adaptor complies with USP 800 standards as a totally closed system and our double seal technology increases accuracy with neutral internal residue, improving production efficiencies.

The seal is activated when the syringe is attached to the Infumix pump, creating a barrier to prevent any harmful compounds escaping.

The Infukit is available with an innovative bonded CSTD Qflow connector, to further ensure integrity of the syringe and the contents. This connector has been developed in conjunction with the Infumix system to ensure a 100% closed system.

The Infukit range offers Infukit with bonded Qflow adaptor ,Triple set for vial to minibag filling, bolus syringe adaptor and empty minibags with lure lock connections.

With capacity from 0.1ml to 50ml, the Infukit closed technology can provide rapid compounding of vials, minibags, syringes and infusers with outstanding accuracy, benefiting pharmacy workflows and costs.

INFUKIT is ideal for filling your own Elastomeric Infusers.

BTC-Qflow CSTD Systems

For both compounding preparation and closed ward infusions.
ompliant to USP 800, NIOSH and CE recommendations.