Vial2Bag® Admixture Systems

Universal, multi-access system.
The Vial2Bag® needle-free system enables safe and convenient reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a syringe and an IV bag or bottle. The needle-free system connects to the IV set port and can be used with all standard manufacturers’ bags.

The Vial2Bag needle-free system:

  • Fits all standard IV systems
  • Helps ensure optimal drug utilization for point-of-use preparation
  • Provides safe, needle-free reconstitution and transfer between a vial or syringe and the IV bag
  • Includes a silicone rubber valve with a Luer-compatible connector for repeat syringe access


The Vial2Bag needle-free system is ideal for:

  • Hospital pharmacy drug preparation
  • Outpatient health care centers
  • Point-of-care drug addition to an IV bag