Annual Conference of the Medical Technology Supply Industry - 11 April 2018

The IMSTA’s Annual Conference 2018 which will focus on outcomes measurement. The excellent line of speakers will discuss how Ireland measures up, what will it take to make Slaintecare a reality, an example of using HTA as a driver,  and the HSE’s plans for assessing the potential of medtech to improve outcomes.  



IMSTA is pleased to welcome back again this year Dr. Thomas Kelly of ICHOM, the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement.  IMSTA, in conjunction ICHOM, believe outcomes are the ultimate measure of success in health care.   When seeking treatment, patients want to know what their life will be like after treatment: will I return to work, will I be able to take care of myself, and will my symptoms improve?  

“ICHOM’s mission is to unlock the potential of value-based health care by defining global Standard Sets of outcome measures that really matter to patients for the most relevant medical conditions and driving adoption and reporting of these measures worldwide.”

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